HEIGHT 157cm
TOP 44(s)
BOTTOM 25(s)
Black-3/4 length M/ Black-53 M/ Black-Capris M

shorts model image-S1L2
shorts model image-S1L3
shorts model image-S1L4
shorts model image-S1L5
shorts model image-S1L6
shorts model image-S1L7
shorts model image-S1L8
shorts model image-S1L9
shorts model image-S1L10
shorts model image-S1L11
shorts model image-S1L12
shorts model image-S1L13
shorts model image-S1L14
shorts model image-S1L15
shorts model image-S1L16
shorts model image-S1L17
shorts model image-S1L18
shorts model image-S1L19
shorts model image-S1L20
shorts model image-S1L21
shorts model image-S1L22
shorts model image-S1L23
shorts model image-S1L24
shorts model image-S1L25
shorts charcoal color image-S1L26
Black Part 3
shorts charcoal color image-S1L27
Black Part 3

shorts charcoal color image-S1L28
Black Part 5

shorts charcoal color image-S1L29
Black Capris
■ Material: 83% polyester, 17% spandex
■Color and Options: Black Capri / Half-Length / Capri M/L / XL / 2XL
■Fitting size and color: Black - Short-length M / Black - Half-length M / Black - Capris M
■ Size (cm): Capri / Half-length / Capri - ML XL 2XL

■Detailed Size

[Part 3]

Waist Cross Section 2829 3031 (Bendable)
Hip 35 38 41 44
Thighs 2324 2526.
Crotch Length 3234 36 38
Hem Side 1921 2223
Total Length 3840 4244

[Part 5]

Waist Cross Section 2829 3031 (Bendable)
Hip 35 38 41 44
Thighs 2324 2526.
Crotch length 3334 35 36
Hem Side 15161718
Total length 56586062

[Part 9]

Waist Cross Section 2829 32 33 (Bendable)
Butt 36384042
Thighs 2324 2526.
Crotch length 3334 35 36
hem cross section 910 11 12
Total length 9091.5 93 94.5

(The actual size above is 'length of cross section'.Please keep in mind.
The size may have an error of 1-3 cm depending on the measurement method.
The color of the product cut is most similar to the actual product color.)

■ Material characteristics
Elasticity: good
Thickness: thin
Lining: None
Reflection: none
Texture: Softness

■ Washing method
hand wash o
dry o
iron X
washing machine x

■ Manufacturer: Bad girl supplier
■ Country of Manufacture: China
■AS (Seller): 1666-1434
■ Quality assurance standards: In accordance with relevant laws and consumer dispute resolution regulations
■ Manufacturing year and month: 2023-06

Due to the nature of the product, sewing finish, sewing arrangement,
Irregular printing or fraying size that may occur during the washing process, etc.
Please note that small details are not considered defective.
Please refer to this before purchasing :)